Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Drama, Fiction
Saulius Balandis / Vilma Raubaite / Rimante Valiukaite


Unusually for TV drama series its epicenter is a man - 42 years old Claus. The dramatic nature of the 42 hides in a circumstance, that in at short period of time Claus loses everything - wife, friend, business, mother;his recent girlfriend and their oncoming baby. Claus's relations with his women reflect many-sided feminine nature. His story allows us to glimpse in men's deepest inner feelings. Background. The main character Claus originally from Poland after the first marriage with Lithuanian, Sofia, relocated to Lithuania believing his life was complete and shortly the couple had there first child Harry. Sadly the relationship breaks down, and Claus finds comfort in a fellow Pole, Olga, living in Vilnius and they share the experiences of being an foreigner in a different land. Claus eventually marry Olga and from here, the next chapter in his life begins. "42" is an intimate account of the modern male - how he thinks and how he shows his emotions which goes against all the principles. It is a strong powerful and gripping drama that appeals to the 30-50 sector of the market that have all experienced similar situations in their lives. It tackles the issues of love, romance and how men deal with the ups and downs of modern relationships. In total this humane drama's 20 episodes' concentrate on background of contemporary environment and problems of three countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, following on Claus's heels.