Girasoles Silvestres

Wild Flowers
Jaime Rosales
Spain, France
Drama, Fiction
Jaime Rosales, Bárbara Díez
Anna Castillo, Oriol Pla, Quim Àvila, Lluís Marquès, Manolo Solo, Carolina Yuste.
Fresdeval Films, A contracorriente films, Oberon cinematográfica and Lukebox.


The film tells the story of Julia, a 22-year-old woman with no training or solid family support, who faces the need to raise her two children in Spain today. Julia has made mistakes in her life. And she continues to make them. She is not perfect. She is a woman who depends a lot on men. Due to his lack of experience, lack of training and tendency to help others, he has chosen frail men who hide their insecurities, sometimes under violent behaviour and sometimes only under intermittent attachment.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

San Sebastián International Film Festival 2022
Official Section

Forqué Awards 2022
1 nomination:
- Female performance (Anna Castillo)
Feroz Awards 2023
3 nominations:
Best leading actress in a film (Anna Castillo)
Best supporting actor in a film (Oriol Pla)
Best poster (Gonzalo Rute, Quim Vives)
Goyas Awards 2023
1 nomination:
Best Leading Actress (Anna Castillo)
Gaudí Awards 2023
2 nominations:
Best female lead (Anna Castillo)
Best Male Actor (Oriol Pla)


Spain (14 of October 2022)