Humanity on Trial

Humanity on Trial
Jonas Bruun
Hansen & Pedersen film og fjernsyn


When the young Dane Salam is arrested and accused of human trafficking after several months of voluntary emergency work for countless refugees off the coasts of Greece, a several-year-long trial begins. Released on bail, but detained in Greece and risking a life sentence, Salam starts a new phase of his activist work, and this time it's in an attempt to save himself. After 20 months, he is burned out - mentally, physically and financially. When he is finally allowed to leave, he continues around Europe to talk to politicians and decision makers, while he waits for his trial to begin. 'Humanity on Trial' is a dramatic and captivating film about how the proud European legal values are crumbling under the pressure of the refugee crisis. For even though Salam's case sounds incredible, he is far from the only one caught in the system. Human rights lawyers believe that humanitarian organisations and activists are harassed and arrested without a legal basis by the authorities, who themselves are under political pressure. 

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Copenhagen International Documentary Festival 2019
Politics JUSTICE
Opening film of the 2019 Justice programme.