La science des rêves

The science of sleep
Michel Gondry
Michel Gondry
Gael García Bernal / Charlotte Gainsbourg / Alain Chabat / Moiu-Miou / Pierre Vaneck
Partizan Films c/o Gaumont


Shy, inhibited Stéphane’s life finally takes off when his mother convinces him to go back to France – the land of his childhood – where a marvellous job apparently awaits him. Possessed of a lively imagination, Stéphane’s eccentric dream world always threatens to engulf his real life. He is bitterly disappointed when the job does not live up to his expectations. However, a new acquaintance in the shape of his attractive neighbour, Stéphanie, helps him to get over his doldrums and, before long, he falls in love with this young woman whose fantasy unquestionably matches his own. He opens up to her unreservedly, sharing with her all of his plans, dreams and projects and acquainting her with his rather barmy and extremely colourful inner world. Things that were once the stuff of only his wildest dreams now appear to be turning into reality, and he looks forward to a happy, magical future with Stéphanie. And yet, at the very moment when the publication of a calendar containing his drawings bodes well for his career, he suddenly has the impression that Stéphanie is rejecting him. Or is he misinterpreting something? Is it merely his insecurity rearing its ugly head again? Torn between his dreams and reality, Stéphane begins to realise that both worlds are starting to get out of control… Michel Gondry’s (ETERNAL SUNSHINE…) latest work is an astonishing rollercoaster ride through a humane, all too human consciousness.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Berlin International Film Festival 2006
Competition (selection)
Sitges Film Festival 2006
Official Fantàstic

European Film Awards (EFA) 2006
Award for Artistic Contribution (Pierre Pell and Stéphane Rozenbaum)