Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas
Alice Nellis
Czech Republic
Alice Nellis
Zuzana Bydžovská, Martha Issová, Michal Čapka, Filip Čapka, Zuzana Čapková, Ivan Schvedoff, Natalja Volkova
U.F.O. Pictures


Everybody is a mother or a father. Even if only a potential one. Even if one never really becomes a parent in the usual sense of the word. The possibility is there. Some people have kids they don’t want. Some people don’t have kids they pray for. Some have kids conceived by others who gave them up. Some kids are never born. Some are born and die. And all kids are potential parents of other kids. Four stories revealing possible shades of modern parenthood meet in the strange atmosphere of the waiting room in an obstetrics center where expectant mothers sit next to couples that have come to see infertility specialists, where you hear distant screams of mothers in labor and see pale faces of guys who have come to pick up their girlfriends after an abortion. All the stories touch on the same subject but from different angles, yet together they create a picture of how complicated and oddly unnatural the most natural process in the world has become in our society.