Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal
Urszala Antoniak
Netherlands, Ireland (Eire)
Drama, Fiction
Urszula Antoniak
Lotte Verbeek, Stephen Rea
NL Producer: Rinkel Film Productions. Co-producers: Fastnet Films and Family Affair Films
(PRODUCERS: Reinier Selen, Edwin van Meurs, Morgan Bushe)


Anne is a Dutch woman who hits the road to escape a personal grief. Hitching her way to the west coast of Ireland, she happens upon an isolated farm belonging to Martin, a man who has chosen the freedom that solitude brings him. When he offers Anne work on the farm in exchange for food and shelter, she agrees on condition there will be no questions, no small talk between them. Slowly they become curious about each other, determined to keep the deal but increasingly tempted to break it. Both are faced with the challenge of trying to know someone without asking questions, of expressing feelings without using words. In time, despite their ardent desire not to be shackled by dependence on another person, they develop a unique relationship that awakens both of them to the real value of love.