Ted Sieger’s Molly Monster

Ted Sieger’s Molly Monster
Ted Sieger, Matthias Bruhn and Michael Ekblad
Switzerland, Germany, Sweden
Animation, Fiction
John Chambers. A story by Ted Sieger & John Chambers
Sophie Rois, Gerrit Schmidt-Foß, Judy Winter, K.Dieter Klebsch, Jasper Vogt
Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion, Little Monster, Sluggerfilm, TrickStudio Lutterbeck


“Papa, when will the You-Know-What get here?” · “Any day now, Molly.” · “Or night?” · “Or night.”

Molly Monster can hardly wait till the monster baby finally emerges from its egg. After all, she’s never had a younger sibling that she could play with and cuddle and share everything with. But first Molly’s parents have to go off to Egg Island to wait for the new arrival to hatch. That’s the place where all the monsters are born. Annoyingly, they forgot Molly’s gift for the baby, so she has to get on their trail quickly. Her best friend Edison joins her on this exciting trip. With its unmistakable colourful, and imaginative style this is the first feature film of the animated series Die kleine Monsterin. Full of fantasy, a fable about an incredible journey across mountains, canyons and seas.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Berlin International Film Festival 2016
Generation Kplus


Spain (20 of January 2017)